An open letter to my husband on his birthday

Forty-three huh!  Happy birthday Caravajio Johnson.  Congratulations on making it this far, not just in age, but in maturity.  You are the best husband for me. I’m sorry that I have not always appreciated this.  But now I do and I want to share some of your beautiful qualities and what makes you special. The way you interact with our […]

My Struggle to Be Authentic

“Oh, f@&k, w@nk, bugger sh%tting, arsehead and hole!” is the line from the movie ‘Love Actually’. The sleazy guy played by Bill Nighy vomits it out unconsciously while trying not to swear. In one sense, that’s the kind of person I’d aspire to be. I wish words just flew straight out my mouth from my cranium. I do it intuitively […]