Beauty,  Brokenness

The Duet (This I know)

You loved me before I knew it.

You loved me before I loved you.

You loved me when I was unlovable.

You loved me when I left you bleeding.

I love you with inconsistency.

I love you in a thoughtless, casual way.

I love you, yet leave you in a heartbeat.

I love you in my shallow sort of way.

I know.

But I’ll keep loving you.

I’ve loved you before and I’ll love you last.

I’ll wait patiently for I love you.

You miss the mark.

You forget what we’ve done.

You disengage quite easily.

You remain beautiful to me.

I know.

I don’t love you the way you love me.

I don’t recognise the little things you do.

I don’t even acknowledge those big things.

You are too hard to understand.

You are beyond me.

You are always for me.

You are always with me.

I know.

I get that you misunderstand.

I get that there is doubt within you.

I get more from you than you know.

I will continue to love you nevertheless.

You will not receive what you deserve.

I’ll keep giving you all you need.

I’ll never leave you.

I know.

That I don’t deserve it.

That I am willing and weak.

That I think more of me than you.

You keep your promises.

You remain constant.

Your creativity delights me.

Your grace never denies me.

I know.

You get worried about small things.

You don’t take the chances you could.

You don’t trust that I’m right here.

I’m in love with you.

I’m devoted to our story.

I’ll embark on this challenge with you.

I’ll love you  tomorrow like I did yesterday.

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