The Impact of our Giving Decisions

There is a lot of need around us.  From advertisements highlighting malnutrition, to aid concerts for natural disasters, to individual requests on social media for those in hospital treatment, it can be hard to know where to start with charity.  One of the difficulties is deciding where our money should go.  Should I give it to someone in my street?  […]

It’s not fair

I live in a bubble, and I’m not talking a Coronavirus related bubble.  I live in a bubble because I don’t think enough about the world outside my postcode.  I live in a bubble because it’s too hard to acknowledge the truth and what to do with it.  There’s no way of dressing up what is happening in our world. […]

The Problem with MAFS

Remember when the biggest drama on Australian television was to do with Alf trapped in a fire at Summer Bay?  Or if Karl and Susan’s marriage was really over this time in Ramsay Street? Or if the return contestant on Wheel of Fortune was going to win the car?  Now we know what the word drama really means as we […]