• Self-Improvement

    Quitting quitting

    I have a tendency to quit   I’m all excited about fresh starts and beginnings.  However when it gets too hard, or when the shiny newness has worn off, I’m just left with the need for routine and consistency.  These things…

  • Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

    20 Rules for Life

    Love deeply. Love so much for the other person.  Love that person as much as you love yourself.  Love isn’t easy.  It’s hard work.  Love because you are loved. Stop upholding your image.  Do not hesitate because you are worried…

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    Learning to Swim

    One of the biggest obstacles in my life was that I couldn’t swim.  From the annual school swimming carnival, to birthday invitations at friends’ pool parties, to beach holidays…Not being able to swim and trying to hide that fact was…

  • Self-Improvement

    In the Meantrim

    I once overheard a word from a colleague that she unintentionally coined.  The words of meantime and interim were beautifully wound together to create “meantrim”.  Someone else pointed out that meantrim is in fact not a real word.  I loved…

  • Self-Improvement

    Where I see myself in five years

    Five years ago I was selfish, non-committal and arrogant.  I still encapsulate some of these attributes, but I believe there has been growth.  The hard part is that growth usually comes exponentially when hardships or challenges are in the way. …