Quitting quitting

I have a tendency to quit   I’m all excited about fresh starts and beginnings.  However when it gets too hard, or when the shiny newness has worn off, I’m just left with the need for routine and consistency.  These things seem boring and lifeless.  It’s fun to start something new, to rip open the plastic wrap of a new journal.  […]

The Thief of Joy

I find it funny how I can feel completely content whilst I sit at home, but if you put me in the ring with a few other women, one of two things may happen.  I can feel completely at home and connected with a sense of belonging.  Or I can feel inadequate, not enough and completely at a loss due […]

20 Rules for Life

Love deeply. Love so much for the other person.  Love that person as much as you love yourself.  Love isn’t easy.  It’s hard work.  Love because you are loved. Stop upholding your image.  Do not hesitate because you are worried about what another person will think of you.  Yes, to some degree reputation is important.  However, stop being so consumed […]

Learning to Swim

One of the biggest obstacles in my life was that I couldn’t swim.  From the annual school swimming carnival, to birthday invitations at friends’ pool parties, to beach holidays…Not being able to swim and trying to hide that fact was all too much.  My family knew I couldn’t swim.  Non-swimmers kinda ran in the family.  But I tried hard to […]

In the Meantrim

I once overheard a word from a colleague that she unintentionally coined.  The words of meantime and interim were beautifully wound together to create “meantrim”.  Someone else pointed out that meantrim is in fact not a real word.  I loved hearing it though.  I like thinking of this invented term, because it casts a beautiful shadow on what we often […]

Where I see myself in five years

Five years ago I was selfish, non-committal and arrogant.  I still encapsulate some of these attributes, but I believe there has been growth.  The hard part is that growth usually comes exponentially when hardships or challenges are in the way.  So in becoming more authentic, being able to make decisions and being on a path of humility took a range […]

Something I have learnt in the last 12 months

It’s one of my favourite questions that I ask people.  “What have you been learning lately?”  So I ask myself this as a time of reflection and inner growth.  I feel like I have been learning a lot. One of the things I have been learning in the last twelve months, alongside with the last twelve hours, is trying to […]

Getting things done

Do you ever get to a place where around 3pm you wish that the day was already over?  I do this thing where I start my day full of promise, but I end up petering out and not getting the things done that I wish to.  And so, 3pm rolls around and I wish the day was over. That way […]

My Struggle to Be Authentic

“Oh, f@&k, w@nk, bugger sh%tting, arsehead and hole!” is the line from the movie ‘Love Actually’. The sleazy guy played by Bill Nighy vomits it out unconsciously while trying not to swear. In one sense, that’s the kind of person I’d aspire to be. I wish words just flew straight out my mouth from my cranium. I do it intuitively […]