How to truly help someone

There’s so many of us that want to be of assistance to people, because we love people.  But sometimes we don’t know where to start and where to end. This article looks at ways in which we can truly help someone.   I have had two stand out times in my life where I’ve felt truly helped by someone.  I have […]

More than a Swear Word

There’s a chance I may offend you.  There’s a possibility you won’t care.  There’s a point at which you may roll your eyes and scroll your screen.  But I want to share something special to me. The reason I do so, at risk of wasting 7 minutes of the weekend, is because you too are special to me.   I admit […]

The Problem with MAFS

Remember when the biggest drama on Australian television was to do with Alf trapped in a fire at Summer Bay?  Or if Karl and Susan’s marriage was really over this time in Ramsay Street? Or if the return contestant on Wheel of Fortune was going to win the car?  Now we know what the word drama really means as we […]

I miss my mum

I wish I could switch my phone off. And I mean off. Not on silent or vibrate. Power off. I even asked my boss for special permission to hang my phone on a lanyard around my neck during work times and to take calls when they came in. Phone at the ready I was always waiting for bad news. Specifically […]

My Struggle to Be Authentic

“Oh, f@&k, w@nk, bugger sh%tting, arsehead and hole!” is the line from the movie ‘Love Actually’. The sleazy guy played by Bill Nighy vomits it out unconsciously while trying not to swear. In one sense, that’s the kind of person I’d aspire to be. I wish words just flew straight out my mouth from my cranium. I do it intuitively […]