Time with Mum

There is a chasmic, cyclical, unquenchable grief.  I wish for the hands of time to unwind.  Then I would reclaim that unique moment I felt adequate peace.  A point in history where I could embrace my mum, wrapping my hands around her stomach, nestling my head under her arm.  Instead, the last time I held my mother’s body was when […]

Playing the keyboard

When I was born, the doctor exclaimed that I would make a great pianist.  This was due to my long, slender fingers.  My parents recounted that story to me often.   My mother wanted us children to learn to play the piano.  So much so, she made the offering of swapping skills: her maths tutelage to some kids, in exchange for […]

Is that a good thing?

She is a woman who is praised for her compliance. Is that a good thing? Her emphasis is not important, nor what she wants Is that a good thing? Her beauty is apparent to all that meet her. Is that a good thing? She is lusted after, betrayed and falls victim. Is that a good thing? The way that she […]


I’m approaching my birthday.  Although it is not a “significant one”, I’m caught in awe about life.  I was looking at my daughter in her pram this morning and I was brought to a realisation that it’s such a privilege to be a mother.  Then my meandering mind brought to the fore that my life too, is special.  My mind […]

In the Meantrim

I once overheard a word from a colleague that she unintentionally coined.  The words of meantime and interim were beautifully wound together to create “meantrim”.  Someone else pointed out that meantrim is in fact not a real word.  I loved hearing it though.  I like thinking of this invented term, because it casts a beautiful shadow on what we often […]


It’s the thing you don’t naturally want But what you choose out of love You become willing because of wanting the best Not for you, but for other It’s seen in war It’s shown at home You give without expectation In this deal you’ve lost Yet there is a grand plan A greater belief in good You choose the harder […]

The Duet (This I know)

You loved me before I knew it. You loved me before I loved you. You loved me when I was unlovable. You loved me when I left you bleeding. I love you with inconsistency. I love you in a thoughtless, casual way. I love you, yet leave you in a heartbeat. I love you in my shallow sort of way. […]

Don’t judge a book by its cover girl

I was about to write an article about true beauty.  It was going to go speak something about natural beauty and the need not to wear makeup.  I was then going to go a step further and start judging hard on women who use fillers and the like.  But I stopped before writing a stroke. I realised that my judgements […]

Where I see myself in five years

Five years ago I was selfish, non-committal and arrogant.  I still encapsulate some of these attributes, but I believe there has been growth.  The hard part is that growth usually comes exponentially when hardships or challenges are in the way.  So in becoming more authentic, being able to make decisions and being on a path of humility took a range […]

How to truly help someone

There’s so many of us that want to be of assistance to people, because we love people.  But sometimes we don’t know where to start and where to end. This article looks at ways in which we can truly help someone.   I have had two stand out times in my life where I’ve felt truly helped by someone.  I have […]

Something I have learnt in the last 12 months

It’s one of my favourite questions that I ask people.  “What have you been learning lately?”  So I ask myself this as a time of reflection and inner growth.  I feel like I have been learning a lot. One of the things I have been learning in the last twelve months, alongside with the last twelve hours, is trying to […]

The B**** at Work

I’ll leave names out.  But I think you’ll know who I’m talking about.  That b**** at work. She may be a Laura, Genevieve or a Sue.  I’ll keep your name safe, but I’ll proclaim what you do. You go into the stationary cupboard and get the best things out.  You hear a new project idea in the tea room and […]