Grief and Loss

  • Grief and Loss

    Let Her Rest

    Let her restYou are aliveYet in a grave you stay Let her restShe feels no illIt’s peaceful where she lay Let her restYou wrestle and writheBut best to let it be Let her restYou know her wellFar more than memory…

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    Learning to Swim

    One of the biggest obstacles in my life was that I couldn’t swim.  From the annual school swimming carnival, to birthday invitations at friends’ pool parties, to beach holidays…Not being able to swim and trying to hide that fact was…

  • Grief and Loss

    Time with Mum

    There is a chasmic, cyclical, unquenchable grief.  I wish for the hands of time to unwind.  Then I would reclaim that unique moment I felt adequate peace.  A point in history where I could embrace my mum, wrapping my hands…