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Do you ever get to a place where around 3pm you wish that the day was already over?  I do this thing where I start my day full of promise, but I end up petering out and not getting the things done that I wish to.  And so, 3pm rolls around and I wish the day was over. That way I could start a new day, one full of hope and promise. Sometimes I even go to sleep early, believing that this will help me wake up early the next day.  Yet, when my body does naturally wake up earlier than usual, my brain fires back at me that I should really keep to my routine morning wake-up time.  

Oh the games we play in our heads.  I kid myself that I will try better tomorrow because it seems too hard to activate and make a massive turn around half way through.  There is something we (or at least I) like about starting from a clean slate. This is exemplified by our New Year’s resolutions where we try that little bit harder (for a time anyway).  We love a clean slate. But what do we do with it? We tend to mess it up, repeating the same cycles!  

Perhaps one solution would be to just start now and start with a smaller increment than a full day.  We sometimes can nail a day seemingly perfectly, but if you’re anything like me, they are few and far between.  So if we know that most of the time we can’t perfect the day, then how about perfecting the next 30 minutes (or whatever is going to be realistic to you)?  

I’m keeping this article short.  Time for change and that starts now…well, at least for the next 30 minutes!


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