The sandpit

My dad gave Grace a sandpit this week.  For the last couple of days she has been really enjoying it.  I on the other hand was not.  Worries surfaced about more grit in the house and on our artificial lawn. The first day she had the sandpit, I sat at a distance, enjoying that she was enjoying it, but also […]

Learning to Swim

One of the biggest obstacles in my life was that I couldn’t swim.  From the annual school swimming carnival, to birthday invitations at friends’ pool parties, to beach holidays…Not being able to swim and trying to hide that fact was all too much.  My family knew I couldn’t swim.  Non-swimmers kinda ran in the family.  But I tried hard to […]

Playing the keyboard

When I was born, the doctor exclaimed that I would make a great pianist.  This was due to my long, slender fingers.  My parents recounted that story to me often.   My mother wanted us children to learn to play the piano.  So much so, she made the offering of swapping skills: her maths tutelage to some kids, in exchange for […]

An open letter to my husband on his birthday

Forty-three huh!  Happy birthday Caravajio Johnson.  Congratulations on making it this far, not just in age, but in maturity.  You are the best husband for me. I’m sorry that I have not always appreciated this.  But now I do and I want to share some of your beautiful qualities and what makes you special. The way you interact with our […]

I miss my mum

I wish I could switch my phone off. And I mean off. Not on silent or vibrate. Power off. I even asked my boss for special permission to hang my phone on a lanyard around my neck during work times and to take calls when they came in. Phone at the ready I was always waiting for bad news. Specifically […]