Carrie-ing On

There’s something very Carrie Bradshaw, therapeutic-like writing these little things.  Although my views don’t totally align with Bradshaw’s (the Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex and the City character), I see a beauty in her.  She has a confidence that a lot of women don’t.  Her ability to say what she thinks doesn’t go unnoticed.  I’ve been thinking a bit lately […]


I’m approaching my birthday.  Although it is not a “significant one”, I’m caught in awe about life.  I was looking at my daughter in her pram this morning and I was brought to a realisation that it’s such a privilege to be a mother.  Then my meandering mind brought to the fore that my life too, is special.  My mind […]

The Duet (This I know)

You loved me before I knew it. You loved me before I loved you. You loved me when I was unlovable. You loved me when I left you bleeding. I love you with inconsistency. I love you in a thoughtless, casual way. I love you, yet leave you in a heartbeat. I love you in my shallow sort of way. […]

Don’t judge a book by its cover girl

I was about to write an article about true beauty.  It was going to go speak something about natural beauty and the need not to wear makeup.  I was then going to go a step further and start judging hard on women who use fillers and the like.  But I stopped before writing a stroke. I realised that my judgements […]