20 Rules for Life

20 Rules for Life

  1. Love deeply. Love so much for the other person.  Love that person as much as you love yourself.  Love isn’t easy.  It’s hard work.  Love because you are loved.
  2. Stop upholding your image.  Do not hesitate because you are worried about what another person will think of you.  Yes, to some degree reputation is important.  However, stop being so consumed by your image, that you fail to do what is right.
  3. Use your head and your heart.  Listen to both.  You know what you need to do and you know what your heart is pulling you to.
  4. Be specific.  If you have a problem with someone, talk about it with them specifically.  If you have a problem with yourself, work out a game plan specifically to knock down those barriers.
  5. Balance and moderation is the key.  Extremes and binges can be unhealthy.  Whether this rule reminds you to not eat the whole packet and drink water, or if it reminds you to just have a little, think about this as a healthy alternative.
  6. Get up and wash your face.  This is not just metaphorical.  When life starts afresh with its challenges, get up and prepare yourself for that.
  7. Watch what you say.  Watch what you say out loud and what you keep in the recesses of your own mind.
  8. Prioritise what is important.  This doesn’t mean that urgent things won’t be addressed.  But it does mean that important things need to be.
  9. Be less manicured and manipulative.  Try to be less filtered in your responses to people.  Be genuine.  You don’t have to over or under emphasise things in order to try to get what you want.  Tell it as it is.  You be responsible for what you need to be and let them be responsible for their stuff.
  10. Kill that nagging thought.  Put it to death either by addressing it now, scheduling to address it later, or letting it go with acceptance.
  11. Stop the flattery.  If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.  Better for your words to actually mean something.
  12. Remember your tattoos.  If you have them, you have them for a reason.  Remind yourself what is important to you and live accordingly.
  13. Laugh out loud.  If there’s nothing funny in your life, then watch a comedy.  If you don’t feel like comedy, remember the comedy reel of your own life.
  14. Be grateful.  Expect that you are forgetting and taking for granted some aspects of your life.  Identify easy and hard to see things that you are thankful for.
  15. Get some sun.  Get outside.  Shift focus.  Refocus.  Change where you are sitting.
  16. Be intentional.  Know what you want to commit to.  Say no to what you don’t want to commit to.
  17. Have integrity.  You can relate to people differently.  But don’t change who you are to a false self when you are around certain people.
  18. Find forgiveness.  It’s not always about you.  It sometimes is bigger than you know.  Give the benefit of the doubt.  If you’re hurting, release this burden.
  19. Live a motto life.  Sit down with yourself every now and then and work out your life mission and value statement.  If you stand back and look at the big picture, are you moving in the direction you want to be moving?  Even if you are at a plateau, is that the place you want to be staying?
  20. Surrender to sovereignty.  Know that your God has plans and purposes.  He has the whole world in his hands, even your world.  Rest in that.

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